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Which stories to share?

I swear I’ve been trying something new each week. Per my first post, none of them HAVE to be anything extraordinary, but the unexpected challenge, as a blogger, thus becomes: it is worth writing about?

I was going to share my thoughts about homeschooling weeks ago. Wrote about 500 words, but the truth is I could summarize the experience (to date) in one word: YUCK.

I thought I’d share the magical experience of revisiting Yosemite. My second visit in twenty years, but it’d be the FIRST with my children. Wrote about 700 words, but in the end, photos captured my feelings and experiences better.

Some thoughts aren’t meant to be shared; some stories shouldn’t be told. And in trying to decide which should be written, I summon filters, blinders, even psychological walls to minimize my voice.

That’s why I liked writing fiction. It’s not my story.

When I'm out of this virtual cyclone of activity, will I have a better understanding of the the stories that I’m currently living in / through? Will they be worth remembering?

Today was a simple change in the routine. Nothing extraordinary. Just lunch with an “old” friend at a “new” place.

J. had moved up to the area a few years ago and I’d reached out impulsively through Facebook. Would she come up? Could she do lunch?

She would and could, and we met at the Riva Grill. I asked the host for a place with a little bit of ‘magic.’ He didn’t blink at the request, leading us to tables by a large fireplace and from where we sat, we could see the faint arch of a rainbow which would appear and disappear over the lake.

She had a steak and blue cheese salad; I had fish tacos. We marveled at what life has thrown at us over the last few years; we laughed; we rolled our eyes; we got serious then laughed some more. One quick hug in the rain, and I came home feeling happy after lunch with a friend.

New + Old + Magic = a memory I’m glad to share.

#50to50 list of DONE:

1) Move to the Sierras

2) Homeschool

3) Visited Yosemite with the children

4) Discovered a new walking route to the Lake

5) Tried a new coffee place: Cup of Cherries

6) Buy a car from the other side of the world – untested and apparently wrapped in plastic.

7) Lunched at a new restaurant: Riva Grill by the Lake

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