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50 to 50: in preparation of a new decade

September has always been a good time for me to 'reset.' The seasons begin to change; the day starts later and ends quicker. We move from laid back summer activity to energized movement as the end of the year - signaled by the appearances of holiday decorations in stores - looms before us. In September, the children would be back in school, schedules would be in place, and I'd have the house largely to myself during the day.

September is also my birthday month, and soon after turning 40, I found myself preferring to spend the actual birthday by myself. Pre-Covid, it was a day to do as I wish: a spa day, a long walk, read a whole book, go to the movies, a day at a museum... a date with myself, if you will. Then I'd return home to spend the evening with family, and the simple day would feel so rich and full. This year would be my last year in my 40s, and I've bought into the idea that "50" is a number that may / may not usher in significant change. I've also bought into the idea that I should be going through some sort of mid-life crisis. Some people seem to have a lot of fun with it, so why not? And because I am who I am, I wanted to be prepared for whatever crisis that could come next year, I thought I should create a LIST. No, not a bucket list. But a "Let's-try-this-because-I've-never-had-before" list. A "say -yes- rather-than-an-automatic-no" list. One new experience a week. Some things I expect will come by happenstance (I've always wanted to use that word) while other "new things" will be planned: a new recipe; a new cuisine; a new hair color....

Simple but new. Doable but new. There will be no bungee jumping or skydiving. I didn't get to 49 doing stuff I didn't want to do. Instead, I hope a year of intentionally trying "new" will resurrect the ability to "go" again...especially after almost two years of living life in reaction instead of purposeful action. What will go on the list? I'm still not sure, but I AM looking forward to finding out.

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