Always You

A chance encounter changes the game for two rugby players with more to lose than ever before.


Neela Smyth has returned home after 10 years away, bringing with her New Zealand’s first rugby medal from the Summer Games. With newfound fame, her future beckons brightly while an ugly chapter from her past closes in.

Blake Stanton is in the running for captain of the national rugby team. Flashy stardom made him a fan-favorite, but an embarrassing viral video could keep his dreams out of reach. Firmly on the gossip magazines’ radar, this playboy’s image appears impossible to fix until a meeting between friends revealed a convenient arrangement.


With a scheme to fake the summer’s new feel-good romance, two champions plot to clean up one reputation and keep the past where it belongs. But what starts out as pretend becomes more real with each passing day...

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References to domestic violence.


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